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July 29, 2022

Spotlight at Alien Buddha Press


What Others Have Said About g emil reutter’s Stories

“These stories are amazing for their highly focused power and are full of surprises and twists. Some of the best stories I have seen in years.”

Trevor Reeves, Editor, Southern Ocean Review– New Zealand

“Reading these short, muscular stories by g emil reutter is like walking into the lives of good people who experience bad things. When trouble comes, these people do the best they can, but often it isn’t enough. Violence and heartbreak are just around the corner and most of these stories end with a twist—perhaps a twist of a knife. As you keep reading, though, you find the humanity, community and even love in each difficult situation.”

–  Thaddeus Rutkowsk, author of Haywire and Roughhouse

“g emil reutter is the real deal. The authentic voice of weird and wild America. Reutter’s stories are vivid and unforgettable. His prose is dazzling”

James Vincent, editor In Shades Magazine.

“Tight. Real. This is how g emil reutter solves the style of melodrama…—with a huge dose of insight for those who fall through life and those who barely escape.

Sandra Fluck, editor The Write Launch Literary Magazine- bookscover2cover, LLC

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G Emil Reutter Cover October 4

(Alien Buddha Press)

October 5, 2021

What Others Say:

In Thunder, Lightning, and Urban Cowboys, wilderness is never far from the urban setting, a wilderness in its own right. The Urban Cowboy is surrounded by nature:  “…a tree of warped candelabra branches…”; “…a conspiracy of sooty ravens…”; “sound of leaves kissed by wind…”  Nature pauses and waits for us to pass through in our moment of struggle and triumph and defeat.  The machinery of the city: “…diesel engine revving and revving, as if a struggle to stay alive…” g. emil reutter takes us from youth when “unbridled hope leaked from our pores…” to the far end of life “… the waiting, the heaviness of what is to come…”

The poet paints a landscape haunted by the tragedies of others and the tragedies of ourselves. Haunted by the fallen gravestones “sinking into the earth…” Haunted by spirits lingering in the trees because “heaven and hell are full and purgatory is closed…” In this poetic juxta positioning of humanity and nature, the poet puts us in our place in an unkind, uncruel universe and leaves us somehow grateful.

-Mike Cohen


Throughout, the poems are very well crafted, precise and insightful. reutter is most certainly an engaging poet, whether he is writing of train journeys, of love and friendship and loss, of nature, of time passing: each poem sustains a reflective beauty that refreshes like walking into a cold mountain spring: they permeate and linger with a rare clarity and a sense of humour that will ensnare and take you by surprise. The book takes you on a journey of wonderful variations and consistently offers imagery that transport the reader into the poem and this is something that is not easy to achieve. ‘Thunder, Lightning and Urban Cowboys’ is stark evidence that reutter is a master craftsman of his artform: cool: crisp: clear: quality.

-John D Robinson

Poet and Publisher: (Holy&intoxicated Publications)

Spotlight at Alien Buddha Press



Farmers, Queens, Trains and Clowns – Poems by g emil reutter

(Alien Buddha Press) 

November 3, 2020

What Others Say about Farmers, Queens, Trains and Clowns by g emil reutter

In g emil reutter’s Farmers, Queens, Trains, and Clowns we are treated to a panorama of a fractured Americana. The singer/seer/poet weaves the celebratory and the lament in his masterful “Philadelphia.” The ghost of a railway station is conjured along with the past majesty of derelict neighborhoods. Gut-wrenching abandonment abounds—turkey buzzards on rooftops, icy furnaces,  vacant-eyed buildings, carp that float sideways next to legless frogs. Laced through the graffiti-scarred souls who wander these poems, the moon’s splendor shines as does the richness of family and the poet’s compassion. reutter blesses us with a raw poetry of savage beauty like his bees encased in a silken coffin. His acute powers of observation witness the spider’s captive brown butterfly as well as what is ensnared in the vibrating strands of a divided America.  We are left with the haunting image of Orion frozen with his back to the earth as if an entire civilization has been discarded.

—-Stephanie Dickinson, author of The Emily Fables and Big-Headed Anna Imagines Herself 

Red, white, and blue-collar—g emil reutter champions the past glory of America, finding triumph in his avid, dead-on descriptions. Suicide, cancer, abandoned tracks, those down-at-the-heels and down on their luck—these are the subjects this poet describes with boundless compassion, flawless cadence, and drum-tight metaphors. Here is a distinctive, authentic, and powerful voice. And beautiful. He makes rust sing.

-– Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Author of Party Everywhere


There is a lot of grief and lament in these poems, but there is also a lot of celebration of life and nature here (“Beautiful Sounds on a Dreary Day” stands out among these verses), including the seasonal changes, the light in the sky, thunder and rain (“A Matter of Time” begins “Pitch black sky an interstellar light / show of distant fire balls of unseen /black holes….”).Charles Rammelkamp  – London Grip Poetry Review – 12/9/20 Full review here:

Reutter’s poetic dreams rise organically from their hard scrabble beginnings. He returns the urban back to its natural garden of conviction and ideals. First Philadelphia, then Boston, then New York. And on and on… a future faith of steely blue-collar purpose and unfettered birdsong. Dennis Daly – Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene – 2-2-21 Full review here:


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Poems of the Pennypack – (Moonstone Press)

A Poetry Chapbook

September 11, 2020

g emil reutter’s Poems of the Pennypack has just been released by Moonstone Press. The chapbook captures the respite the park provides to residents from the bustle of city life, reutter’s affinity for the park and the nature that thrives in it.

What Others Say:

Poems of the Pennypack is a forthright book, which reflects a lifetime of exploring a place and one’s self in relation to that place. The poems have a quiet clarity as the book becomes both guide and map. g emil reutter writes, “Beauty and violence of nature in plain view / in this nature sanctuary of Philadelphia / called Pennypack.” Reading the poems now in the spring of 2020 readers may find some of the solace they have been seeking and noticing again in nature. As reutter writes, “nature has reclaimed it, meadows, forest and wildlife are abundant.” There is always more to explore, but there are no pyrotechnics. The book is direct and unselfconscious and the poems keep hitting closer and closer to home. -Thomas Devaney

On Line at :

Now available: The Pennypack Environmental Center, 8600A Verree Road, Philadelphia, Pa. 19115.


House Cover

House on the Edge of Town and Other Stories – (Alien Buddha Press- Print)

 January 5, 2020


The stories are ones that all different types of people can relate with. They are about Philadelphia, its citizens, and common experiences shared by them. – Megan Milligan, Northeast Times- 9-1-21

Read the full article here:

What others have to say about House on the Edge of Town and Other Stories

“g emil reutter is the real deal. The authentic voice of weird and wild America. reutter’s stories are vivid and unforgettable. His prose is dazzling”– James Vincent, editor In Shades Magazine. – Marina Esmeraldo, creative director In Shades Magazine.

“Tight. Real. This is how g emil reutter solves the style of melodrama in House on the Edge of Town and Other Stories—with a huge dose of insight for those who fall through life and those who barely escape. Even if they are to blame in this world of blame, House on the Edge of Town and Other Stories will make you wonder how in one paragraph, or one page, or barely more than three, you are absorbed to the point of forgetting you are reading a story, the verisimilitude so real you might consider these characters could live on the next block over, that is, if you are observant enough to care. But you care about the women and men in these stories who barely scrape by, and you don’t forget them. g emil reutter tells it like it is. House on the Edge of Town and Other Stories is one of a kind.” – Sandra Fluck, editor The Write Launch Literary Magazine- bookscover2cover, LLC 

“Life jumps off the page and kicks you in the face. Its bitter taste blends with slight optimism, turning you into the right direction. reutter gives you life as it is, without makeup or glitter and leaves you to think over what is and what could be.” – Roxana Nastase Author of A Churchgoing Woman


Violence-in-My-City-Chapbook-Cover-Page-1732-1-180x300 (1)

 Violence – In My City   ( Moonstone Press- Print)

A Poetry Chapbook

October 4, 2019

Moonstone Press released the poetry chapbook, Violence – In My City. The chapbook captures moments in time as the numbness of daily violence seeps into every neighborhood of the city.  Violence — In My City is a call to words and action to turn back the tide of violence.

” Reutter’s chapbook, Violence in My City features 11 poems that lock Philadelphia and gun violence in its crosshairs…The Chapbook’s world-weathered tone is sharpened by the specific allusions it draws about the city.” – Logan Krum, Northeast Times 11-13-19 Full review here:

The poem, Rise Up, published in Philadelphia Weekly on 1-16-20

Reaction to Distribution of Violence-  In My City and Letters to Elected Officials Calling for Action

I want to thank you for expressing your concern with the ongoing violence in our District and throughout the City of Philadelphia. …Because I agree, we can do more, and should. But I also want you to be aware that Senator Sabatina is equally concerned. – Jesse Monoski , Legislative Director 1/14/20

1/23/20 – From Philadelphia Tribune

After a violent start of the year resulted in 32 homicides, the newly convened 17-member council passed a resolution on Thursday to hire legal counsel to file a lawsuit against the state government to compel Pennsylvania officials to address gun violence as a public health crisis and protect citizens by enacting gun laws or allowing municipalities to do so.



erm cover

Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life (Alien Buddha Press) – Print Edition

July 10, 2019

“g emil reutter writes the poem the way I like it – sharp, detailed imagery, paintings in black ink carved into the page – the minutiae of life under the microscope. There’s clarity and depth here in this book but there’s power too – the power to move the mind and the soul. These words are fine words. My kind of poems. They should be yours too.”-Adrian Manning- Poet and Publisher at Concrete Meat Press

“Beneath dark shadows of maples, this watcher observes unnamed strangers and lovers beneath a generous moon, sympathetically and precisely with the eye of an oil painter.  The night turns to day, the seasons change, and the cycles renew.  A fine collection for any palate”.– Russell Streur –  Editor, The Plum Tree Tavern

In Eating Raw Meat, g emil reutter proclaims, “I stand on the rubble that is left / of the American dream”; looking out from that prospect, he tells us, “I think of the hard working class.”  Yet, even as these poems show us hard labor and trashed dreams, reutter affirms how close attention to those lives and to the natural world serves to redeem us on this “beautiful brutal blue planet.”  “I work the / garden the way I work a poem,” he tells us; and, centered among existences, “I … listen to what they say, watch what they do and write what I can.” This attention results in poems of integrity and of beauty: “rhythm / of rain, cadence of thunder, lyrical / hissing of wind.”

-Nathalie F. Anderson –Alexander Griswold Cummins Professor of English Literature and Director of the Program in Creative Writing at Swarthmore College


            Reading g emil reutter’s new collection of poems Eating Raw Meat and other nuances of life is like entering a series of museum galleries full of life: character portraits abound, as do scenes of communal activity captured on a grander scale. – Gregory J. Wolos Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene – 9-15-19

The poems in Eating Raw Meat are unflinching, powerful and deep. – Charles Rammelkamp – ABZ 14- 1/20



Stale Bread and Coffee – (Alien Buddha Press) – Print Edition

April 9, 2019

“As always g emil reutter has the ability to pull us into his world where he conjures up images of late night streets, broken relationships, and men who are on the edge of life and lost in America’s backwaters.” – James D Quinton, (1977-2012), Open Wide Magazine

“The colloquial voice of g emil reutter rises from the valley, circles back through years of close observation with a steady eye. There’s nothing trumped up in these poems, nothing inflated into transcendence. Here life is as it is for the line worker, the waitress, the cop, the perp or the barroom guys. These are the common folk who live in the service alleys of any Camelot, sketched in a subdued cadence whose unadornment honors their lives and does not weary of seeing their glimmer through the tarnish.” – Poet J.C. Todd – What Space This Body


Yes, there is grief all over the place in these poems. Take “War Widow Cries Today,” for example, or the sad picture of an abandoned dilapidated house in “Of the Lost”; or the lament for that post-industrial America in “Something Wrong Here?” which concludes: “inside windowless buildings / that once were / America.”   But there’s a tenderness throughout, too, for the people, the city, the nation, the poets in the bars, the waitress in the diner. Stale Bread and Coffee is fortifying – if not necessarily nutritious!  As reutter concludes the poem, “Cards”: “smell / the coffee, taste the oatmeal, and / live the life dealt to you.”Charles Rammelkamp, Kissing Dynamite Poetry 5/9/19 Read more

Stale Bread and Coffee is a wildly descriptive narrative reminiscent of Steinbeck. Reutter’s collection brilliantly captures the beauty and tragedy of our everyday lives through his natural emotion and attention to detail. The writing takes you, effortlessly, to highs and lows and is often as funny as it is sad. There is a pervading theme of loneliness throughout the work, whether physical or emotional. A kind of introspective and detached look at the chaotic world outside, but all the while you can’t help but to stop and laugh. Look too closely or not close enough and you might miss Reutter’s pure and casual wit. This is a book that offers a fresh pair of eyes to our capacity as a people for destruction, but through it all, gives hope. A bit of turbulence. As Reutter states, “Turbulence may be a good thing it shakes off the dust”. -Zachary Dilks, – Review in Alien Buddha Zine Se7en – June 2019 – Read the Zine


I finished the book and loved it, especially the poems of the city. “Roxborough,” with its reference to a textile mill, brought by memories. My mother worked in textile mills. You also have a mastery of the vernacular… And the poems of tenderness are quite good. A very enjoyable read. By the way, my wife picked up the book and read some of the poems, and she also liked them. She thought they brought the city to life.  – Poet/Critic Frank Wilson 4-29-19

“Enjoying this and the universal appeal.  I can relate to so many of these poems.” – Poet and artist Maria Keane 5-1-19



Thugs, Con-Men, Pigs & More- (Red Dashboard Press) Short Stories- Print Edition – Nov. 1, 2014 

“There are few neatly wrapped endings in Thugs. The reader meets men and women who are, for the most part,living lives of quiet desperation, some seem perfectly at home in the depths while others are trying to claw their way out. A lazy reader accustomed to knowing which are the “good guys” and which are the bad will likely be frustrated. Every character is a little of each—and that is what gives these stories their momentum and emotional punch.”  – The Lower Bucks Leader, December 13, 2014 Read more here – Page 20

“Reutter is so adept at feigning lack of literary style that you get swept up in a sense of pulpy authenticity.” – Matthew Kirshman

“Great collection of short stories. Reutter sheds his unique outlook through the characters he brings to life in these tales which range from grim to heartwarming. Excellent read; couldn’t put it down.” – George Wylesol

“Reading these short, muscular stories by G Emil Reutter is like walking into the lives of good people who experience bad things. When trouble comes, these people do the best they can, but often it isn’t enough. Violence and heartbreak are just around the corner, and most of the stories end with a twist—perhaps the twist of a knife. As you keep reading, though, you find the humanity, community and even love in each difficult situation.”

—Thaddeus Rutkowski, author of Haywire, Tetched and Roughhouse

“These are stories that knock you back with short powerful jabs of empathy.”

–           Stephen Page – The Type and Byte Review



Stirring Within and Tales from Mount Carmel-( Blazevox Books) – Poetry and Tales- print edition 2006


Plain Speak/Sweet Speak– Poetry- (Persistencia Press) – ebook 2006

g emil reutter and Phil Primeau

A dynamic collaboration which consists of a base text (GER) and a “remixed” text (PP). With radically different takes on the same poems, the e-chap shows the wild versatility of language. Smart and cool, this thick but very readable e-chap is not to miss.

(website not working)

life views

Life Views– Fiction/Poetry/Essays – (

ebook released 2003, print edition 2007- Out of Print

“If it is true that there are only two great themes: Love and Death, then Mr. Reutter has revealed the former in its gentle complexity, and nailed the latter to the wall with a splintering drama that lingers like the shadow of a blood stain on a a carpet. This is a guy who writes vividly, without pretense, and with great affection for his audience. Savor his work, as I did; stories like these don’t come along often” – David Hartley- June 2007


The Jonesville Collection– Fiction/Poetry/Essays- (

 ebook released 2002, print edition 2006- Out of Print

asphalt road

Asphalt Road- Poetry– ( Edition 2004, Second Edition 2006- Out of Print

“.Reutter creates lyrical intensity and taut images with layman’s language. But aesthetics are not sacrificed here on the alter of plain English. These poems mean well and read well..”-D.E.Kern, The Express-Times

broken shells and hope

Broken Shells and Hope-( – Poetry and Fiction- print edition 2008- Out of Print

“Reutter’s poetry has the keen ability to focus on people in a variety of situations, and to add his own unique twist to each poetic experience. He witnesses as well as ponders death, isolation, unfaithfulness, boredom, and despair, yet he possesses an undeniable ability in recognizing spring and finding sanctuary among broken shells littering the desolate landscape of our minds and our lives, finding that faint ray of hope that lingers in the heart’s ability to pray.” – Diane Sahms-Guarnieri – February 2008

“These stories are based on sheer reality as all literature should be. In these, Reutter combines good words with style and panache in the manner of the great masters of the genre…”

-Trevor Reeves – The Southern Ocean Review – April 2008

“Containing pieces of fiction ranging in length from a paragraph to four or five pages, Broken Shells & Hope is a collection of stories and poems of the everyday and the not-so-everyday alike. A few of the topics include mass murder, romance, loneliness, kindness, death, a blonde being held at knife point while in a shower, love, hole diggers, and much more. There are twists, and comical endings around every corner, and always an interesting story to read. For someone living a hectic, project filled life, Broken Shells makes perfect sense.” – Jason Behrends – Orange Alert – March 31, 2008

blue collar poet

Blue Collar Poet– Poetry-( – print edition 2009- Out of Print

“…there’s a deceptive slyness in many of these poems that heighten the pleasure they offer. Pleasure is critical since these poems are written in a straightforward manner, clear on their goal of simply sharing an experience that, in turn, hopefully engages the reader.” Eileen Tabios, Galeta Resurrects #17 – December 22, 2011

“… the poems in “Blue Collar Poet” are solid, tight, workman like pieces that leave you thinking.” – Doug Holder- Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene – 3/6/09

“Always ready to tell the truth and shame the devil, he can take you places from the road to the barroom and so many stop in between” – Poet Vincent Quatroche – February 2009


Carvings- Poetry- ( – print edition 2010- Out of Print

“He looks at life, paints fantastic word-pictures, and connects each one to everyone without philosophic stress. As one reads verses, one enjoys a pleasing fragrance without intellectual hang-ups and encounters enlightened realization in love despite balmy ennui life offers. Through seemingly little and often unobtrusive incidents and innocuous experiences, he builds a structure of thought and creates a favourable audience response…”-

P C K Prem – Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene – April 16, 2015

“g. emil reutter is an urban poet, a man with a city and a town, with family and friends, but in this collection he find succor, comfort and peace in the fringes of nature, the cold, swift anonymity of creeks and rivers and denizens of the margins. There is a kind of surprising and disarming attentiveness in these poems. The stench of cigarette ash and the resinous swell of pines are as much a part of these moments as the wise and careful worry, the sharp memories and quiet hope.” Poet Louis McKee – November 2010

* closed up shop in 2013

You may be able to find copies of Stonegarden publications at Amazon 

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