About g emil reutter

g emil reutter by diane sahms-guarnieri abA writer of poems and stories, g emil reutter was born in Bristol, Pa., raised in Levittown,Pa.and has lived most of his life in of Philadelphia, Pa.  His work has been widely published in the small and electronic press and nine volumes of his collections have been published. He has read his poetry at venues in New England, Mid-Atlantic and the Southwest. He published The Fox Chase Review (2008 – 2015) and coordinated The Fox Chase Reading Series ( 2007-2015) . He is currently a contributing editor at North of Oxford .


Recent Publications


Long Legged Larry  at In Between Hangovers

In Costume   at Subtle Tea Magazine

Winter Doldrums on Sabbatical @ Deer Heart Magazine

Sweet Judas  at In Between Hangovers

On the Rubble   at In Between Hangovers

poems at Carcinogenic Poetry

Short Stories/ Flash Ficiton

Darkness of the Night at Near to the Knuckle Magazine

My Three Sons  at The Write Launch

Spillage at Panoply

The Sunday Adventure of Howard Jones  at In Shades Magazine


 by g emil reutter


Asphalt Road

Plain Speak/Sweat Speak – With Phil Primeau

Blue Collar Poet



Life Views

The Jonesville Collection

Stirring Within Poems and Tales from Mount Carmel

Broken Shells and Hope


Thugs, Con Men, Pigs and More


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