About g emil reutter

g rA writer of poems and stories, g emil reutter was born in Bristol, Pa., raised in Levittown, Pa. and has lived most of his life in of Philadelphia, Pa. He has worked in the factories, steel mills and railroads in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. His poetry and fiction have been widely published in the small and electronic press and twelve of his collections have been published. He published The Fox Chase Review (2008 – 2015). He is currently a contributing editor at North of Oxford .


A Poem, Of Consequence published 11-11-19  in the Autumn Issue of  Poetry Pacific

” Reutter’s chapbook, Violence in My City features 11 poems that lock Philadelphia and gun violence in its crosshairs…The Chapbook’s world-weathered tone is sharpened by the specific allusions it draws about the city.” – Logan Krum, Northeast Times 11-13-19

The poetry chapbook Violence – In My City has been published by Moonstone Press

            Reading g emil reutter’s new collection of poems Eating Raw Meat and other nuances of life is like entering a series of museum galleries full of life: character portraits abound, as do scenes of communal activity captured on a grander scale. – Gregory J. Wolos Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene – 9-15-19

The collection ,Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life , has been published by  Alien Buddha Press.

The poetry chapbook, A Matter of Time was accepted by Concrete Meat Press.

Yes, there is grief all over the place in these poems. Take “War Widow Cries Today,” for example, or the sad picture of an abandoned dilapidated house in “Of the Lost”; or the lament for that post-industrial America in “Something Wrong Here?” which concludes: “inside windowless buildings / that once were / America.”   But there’s a tenderness throughout, too, for the people, the city, the nation, the poets in the bars, the waitress in the diner. Stale Bread and Coffee is fortifying – if not necessarily nutritious!  As reutter concludes the poem, “Cards”: “smell / the coffee, taste the oatmeal, and / live the life dealt to you.”Charles Rammelkamp, Kissing Dynamite Poetry 5/9/19

The collection, Stale Bread and Coffee , has been published by Alien Buddha Press




 by g emil reutter


Asphalt Road

Plain Speak/Sweat Speak – With Phil Primeau

Blue Collar Poet


Stale Bread and Coffee

Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life

Violence – In My City


Life Views

The Jonesville Collection

Stirring Within Poems and Tales from Mount Carmel

Broken Shells and Hope


Thugs, Con Men, Pigs and More


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